Instagram Marketing Trends

The Latest Instagram Marketing Trends for 2019

Instagram is undoubtedly the most sought after social media platform if we talk about business marketers and digital optimization for any business. First, the number of people using social media is huge, and then the time each user spends online is also commendable. Of course I don’t need to prove this as this is a self-obvious fact of our generation. Further statistics show that Instagram is beating the race leaving behind any other social media platform. So if you want to succeed, you must definitely target instagram promotion before you move on to any other one.

Trends You Must Know

  1. IGTV/Vertical Videos: Instagram launched a new ad-free app, IGTV in June 2018 for long form vertical videos. Since then, it has been used everywhere, instagram stories, instagram live, twitter, snapchat…etc. IGTV is giving a very tough competition to YouTube videos already. Another trend is that instagram always promotes its latest launches, as was the case with stories in 2018, so expecting IGTV to throw everything else to the back seat is not overestimation. IGTV can promote content ranging from 15 seconds to 60 minutes, so very suitable for long form. It is easier to reach target with this platform as it is getting to have all the support and help from Instagram in 2019.
  2. Story Highlights: This was an up gradation to Instagram Stories in 2017. These do not get automatically deleted unless you do so. Secondly these sit just below your bio, so get better chances of being seen by anyone who visits your site. Also, the story highlight feature has become very popular recently, so instagram people are doing their best to tap this resource. In turn, we can also benefit from this promotion creating more and more story highlights for our targeted set of audience.
  3. Filters: Augmented reality is a part and parcel of our social media lives, especially true for Instagram. The way you can add side effects to your face is really easy and appealing with instagram filters. No other base, even snapchat, offers you such seamless interface as Instagram does when it comes to filters. And this is one thing our young generation loves. Statistics declare that in 2019, if you want your stories or highlights or pictures to have more visibility, equip at least 20% of them with filters!
  4. Instagram Shopping: This is the best thing and precisely the actual thing you are suing instagram perhaps. And this is picking real fast. With links to your websites in the bios, photos, swipe ups etc.; instagram shopping is gaining ground rapidly. Easier mobile purchasing is otherwise also predicted to be the trend in 2019, so better prepare your account with some instagram marketing services agency so as to tap this potential.

Fun Fact: In January 2019, the maximum liked photo on Instagram is a picture with an egg, posted by the account @world_record_egg.The picture currently has over 50 million likes.