Terms of Service



All the material on the website, the services offered, and the applications provided by TryInsta are owned by TryInsta.com unless stated otherwise. By registering or by using our services, you automatically agree to the Terms of Service and are legally bound to obey these. If you do not wish to agree to any of these terms, you must not use the services offered by TryInsta.



TryInsta will solve the sole purpose of promoting one or more of your Instagram accounts. It has not collaborated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform in any way. TryInsta functions as an organic instagram growth service provider and provides instagram marketing services by getting you real time organic followers. Apart from organic instagram growth service we also provide automated instagram growth service for your instagram account which includes like, unlike, follow, unfollow and comment activities.

While acting as an organic instagram growth services provider and providing instagram marketing services, including instagram bot services, Tryinsta does not guarantee any fixed number of new followers or existing followers not leaving your profile. However, it finds the best match of users to your profile and tries to convert them onto organic long term followers. The quality of the content or pictures is not a responsibility of TryInsta. Photos etc. are liked via hashtagging, so Tryinsta does not promise that all likes by its instagram bot services will be of appropriate material. (For eg. a nude picture might be liked if it is presented as #fitness etc.). Tryinsta will bring the content to the notice of the target audience, however, they like it or reject it is circumstantial without any guarantee from Tryinsta.



Once you agree to the terms of service, you are bound to not indulge in spamming or malpractice of any kind on Instagram in any way. Tryinsta follows the rules and terms of Instagram while acting as an organic instagram growth service provider.

Tryinsta will indulge only into legitimate ways in promoting through instagram marketing services, and shall in no way breach this even if a client wishes to do so.

Tryinsta will not take responsibility if your account is being suspended, or put on hold in any way. It will act only as an organic instagram growth service provider and promote your instagram account. Furthermore, the content on your instagram account wrt legality and lawfulness is solely your own responsibility.

You agree to share your account username and passwords with Tryinsta so that it can provide the instagram bot services and instagram marketing services in a hassle free manner. In case you change your passwords at any time while TryInsta acting as your instagram service provider, you are under obligation to inform this to Tryinsta without any delay, else services can be suspended.



If you have purchased any instagram marketing services package from us, you agree that you have fully understood the scope and function of your package offerings. You cannot enter into fraudulent dispute of any kind ponce you purchase a service via Stripe of PayPal. You can take the instagram bot free trial, or the instagram growth free trial, but cannot dispute once you have purchased our services.

The re-occuring payments will be automatically debited from your account for the same amount for the same term upon expiration of the previous term. If you wish to stop this or discontinue the instagram marketing services or the instagram bot services, you must inform or cancel atleast 30 days prior to the date of renew. If you fail to do so, you shall not be eligible for any refund, partial or complete.

If TryInsta finds any dispute to be fraudulent, it reserves the right to reset your account, remove followers, undo likes, terminate your account, ban your IP or any other action as deemed fit by TryInsta.



Inorder to register, you must make the payment and share your username and password. Without this, Tryinsta shall not provide any instagram marketing services or instagram bot services. Also you confirm that you are at least 13 years of age if you avail our services.



You promise that you will not duplicate, trade, misuse or copy any content from TryInsta website be it text, images or programming. You will rely on Tryinsta to function as your Instagram marketing services and organic instagram growth services.



All reviews about TryInsta that you submit will be our property by default. Tryinsta reserves the right to make them publicly available at any place to fulfil its marketing objectives. You can request if you want your feedback to be confidential, which will take upto 48 hours to be addressed.



TryInsta is in no way liable for any Shadowblocking, account suspension or picture deletion done by Instagram™. Our system servers are secured using high-level encryption to prevent unauthorized access of your account. However, in case of security breach and loss of data, we are not responsible for the consequences that follow the event.



Tryinsta is in no manner responsible for any loss or damage, if incurred, by your business. Furthermore, Tryinsta does not guarantee any followers or likes via its organic instagram growth services. Also how long it would take for your profile to be boosted is also beyond our scope of promise.


Change of Terms

This Terms of Service can be changed at any time without any prior notice of any kind. Tryinsta reserves all rights to change and the changes become effective as soon as they are live on the website. TryInsta also reserves the right to change or ban your account from TryInsta any time without your permission if the need arises, without explaining the reasons behind doing so. In such a case, no refunds shall be made.


Cancellation policy

To cancel your account you must contact TryInta in writing 30 days prior to the renewal date. Such writing may be via the Website Contact Form or by email addressed to hello@tryinsta.com. If you fail to do so, you shall not be eligible for any refund, partial or complete. If you cancel your user account or your user account is terminated for violating the terms contained herein all of your user account information may be deleted.


Refund Policy

You must carefully understand and decide to opt for the organic instagram marketing services. Once you have paid and the campaign started, no refunds shall be made under any circumstances.


Privacy Policy

Your personal information shall be kept confidential and no misuse shall be made. All measures, IT and admin, for account security and data security are very well in place at TryInsta.


Governing Law

The Terms stated above and any disputes relevant to the Terms of Service or our Privacy Policy shall be addressed exclusively by the law of United Kingdom and relevant constitutional bodies of United Kingdom.


Effective Date

The effective date of these Terms of Service is January 1, 2019. These Terms of Service were written in English (US). To the extent any translated version of these Terms of Service conflicts with the English version, the English version controls.