Grow Instagram Followers Organically

How To Increase Real Instagram Followers Organically!

Instagram is by far the best and most liked photo sharing social media dais. It is simple to use, with posting pictures, videos, likes and messages if we want to keep it sublime. Recently instagram as launched features like IGTV, story highlights etc. to keep pace with competitors and also to cut down monotony. However, still, in terms of engagement or reach or visibility, posting pictures and having a good follower base is all that an account needs.

Let us explore some organic measures so as to promote followers.

  1. Great Pictures: Pictures, pictures and more pictures. That is what instagram is all about. If you can post quality pictures to your profile, you are bound to get real followers. With thousands of photos being uploaded to instagram every day, and with the number of users it currently has, you have to face a cut throat competition in terms of picture quality. It is like survival of the fittest and the best pictures win. Better take some tutorial or expert advice if you are novice at photo-shooting!
  2. Great Bio: Next comes a great bio. If you can complete your bio and that too compellingly, it can mark the difference between a hit and a flop profile. Users first see your profile photo and read your bio while deciding whether or not they must follow you. Keep on updating it from time to time so that it sounds fresh and appealing every time.
  3. The Initial Go: Well begun is half done! The most difficult stage of any account is when it is new with no or very little followers. This is the time you must work best. Ask your friends, colleagues etc. to follow you if they have the same interests as your profile. Later it automatically gets transformed into an avalanche of followers. But if you have the wrong initial followers, who are not interested in your niche, maybe you will be struck with the same number forever and some followers may even drop out at later stages. So targeting audience properly for your account is crucial.
  4. Use Hashtags: If you use your hastags wisely, then you do not need anything else. Hashtags prove so powerful for instagram that it is recommended to put 3-5 hashtags per picture. You can intelligently specify gender, geography, niche etc. of your would be follower by deploying the right hashtag. Use trending words for this purpose and do not overcrowd.
  5. Connect all your accounts: Connect your other social media accounts to your instagram account. You will most likely have people who like your products and services, so bringing them to the instagram platform is also nice and long term.
  6. Follow People: Sounds simple. And it works that simple as well! If you follow more and more people in your niche, obviously some would check back on your profile and subscribe. So a good way to generate followers is to follow them first instead of begging.
  7. Engage as much as you can: Once you are done posting pictures and videos, that does not end the story. Try to interact with the viewers in the form of interesting quizzes, questions and discussions. This would spread a word of mouth very quickly and your profile would grow.

So in a nutshell we can say that there is no short cut to getting followers. You have to post a great profile, you have to update it regularly, you have to click great pictures and post regularly, you have to interact with your users and try to persuade friends and colleagues to check out your profile! In fact this is the reason why some instagram marketing agencies are hired by people on their own behalf, as they don’t like to take so much pain on their own!